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P J   F R A N K L A N D

Serving Vauxhall, Pimlico and the surrounding area since 1991

Shop and market open until 13/08/22

Closed for holiday 14/08 to 31/08/22 

Our family butchers was founded by my father, Peter, born less than a mile from our central London store. Since 1991, we have gained an unmatched reputation for top quality meats and poultry and also our unrivalled knife skills.

Second to none service is what truly sets us apart, plus a wide network of suppliers from independent farms and the world famous Smithfield Market.

Our products include Romney Marsh lamb, Orchard Farm free range pork, Herbfed poultry and, of course, the finest Scotch beef. We make all our own sausages and burgers by hand and also sell handmade pies and pasties.


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